This is the story of how I generated a Yoga Studio one new client everyday for four months straight spending only $11 a day on online advertising.

If you run a Yoga studio, then this method will produce new clients each and every day for you on autopilot.

I use this method for clients of mine that are Pilates teachers, personal trainers, driving instructors and all sorts of other service based businesses.

But it works particularly well for Yoga studios.

The first thing you need to understand is that this is not a “get rich quick” gimmick or anything like that.

It takes work to get this system in place and working right.

Once you do the initial work however, it will churn out customers like crazy for you.

Here is the method I used to generate $71,280 in recurring revenue from $11 a day ad spend on the internet.


The first thing you need to do is come up with an introductory offer for your target audience.


This is not a new concept.

But you’re going to be promoting this offer online so it’s got to be good.

Myself and the studio owner agreed on an offer where you can come to an introductory 1 hour Yoga class for $9 bucks.

(Note how that’s written… It’s not nine dollars, nine bucks, $9.00 or 9 dollars it’s $9 bucks… There’s a reason for that which we’ll get to but here’s an example from the ad we ran on Facebook)


Facebook ad


This offer has great perceived value as there aren’t many yoga studios in the area that let you try yoga for only $9.

The thing is however as soon as people have done a Yoga class she invites them back for another one at full price for $20 or offers them a package deal where they pay $99 per month for unlimited classes.

Because these new prospects are “hot leads” she gets an extremely high closing rate.

People are most likely to convert to her higher cost packages as they’ve just done a class and have seen the benefit.

The reason this works for her is because she has a good introductory offer that attracts the right kind of potential customer.

Personal trainers could replicate this…

Surfing instructors could replicate this…

If you own a Yoga studio I URGE you to replicate this…

The trick is to find the balance of a good offer that covers your advertising costs while weeding out the time wasters by requiring a small financial commitment.

Now remember this offer is being advertised online. So it’s not good enough just to have a kick arse offer.

If it’s not being put in front of the right people it’s never going to convert or get any traction…


You need to put your offer in front of the right people.


Thankfully the Internet allows us to target people based on a whole lot of useful data.

We can show our ad to people searching for what we have to offer on Google…

We can show ads to people based on what their interests or demographics are.

Want to target people searching for “local Yoga classes”?


What about showing wedding photography ads to a 25 year old engaged women on Facebook?

No problems.

Getting your ads in front of the right people is simple.

In this particular case however we targeted people with specific Yoga interests.

But getting your ads in front of the right people is only a part of the process…

You need to have a good offer first.

I can’t stress that enough.


Now that you have your offer sorted and an audience to target online you need to make sure you have what I call a “core offer”

This “core offer” is really just the main service you offer.

For my yoga client that’s the $99 per month yoga membership.

It’s the thing you’re going to up-sell your potential client to.

Still with me?



Now you’ve got your introductory offer and core offer sorted you need to start advertising…


But before I show you the secrets of setting up a high converting ad, you need to ask yourself how am I going to get these clients details?

You probably have a contact page on your website but is it really good enough to make people take action?

Remember a lot of the time they won’t know you from a bar of soap and you’re asking them to commit a small amount of money to you.

This is where a lead page comes into the picture….

(This is the exact leadpage that generated 1 new client everyday for four months for my Yoga studio client)


Landing Page


A leadpage or landing page is a specific page designed to convert potential clients to your offer.

It needs to clearly outline the offer and the benefits the user will receive by committing to it.

Your leadpage is where you capture the potential customer’s contact details.

It needs to be connected to your email list management software. (If you don’t have one of these you need to get one. Either that or hire an agency that does)

(Below Is The “Opt In” Form The User Sees When They Click The Call To Action.)




Good email management software such as Mailchimp, AWeber or Active Campaign allows you to set up auto responders and tags.

This means if the user gives you their details to “claim your offer” and then doesn’t convert you can set automatic emails to go out in a sequence to get them to take your desired action. Once they take that desired action your auto responder will automatically add them to another list to upgrade their current subscription.

The opportunities for automation with this are endless.

What this means for you as a business owner is a constant stream of new customers.


Let’s look at how this all ties in together with the results from our Yoga studio campaign…


Over close to a 4 month period we were able to generate 113  $9 yoga offer claims. This averaged out to one claim per day.

This resulted in $1,017 in revenue.

(Check Out The Below Screenshots To See The Report From $9 Offers Claimed)



From this we were able to up sell 67 clients to a $99 dollar monthly yoga package. This averaged out to one $99 offer claim every second day.

Resulting in $6,633 in revenue over 4 months.

(Click The Below Screenshots To See The Reports on $99 packages claimed)

upgrade report

Now, out of those 67 people that took up the $99 offer, 45 percent will commit to that package for a minimum period of two years.

The rest drop off after 3 months or give up at 4 weeks or whatever.

This is what we call customer lifetime value.

Out of these 67 people, 30 of them will continue to pay $99 per month for at least 2 years.

This results in $71,280 after a two year period.

Now when you consider the fact we achieved this result with the following ad spend:

Facebook: $5 per day

Google AdWords: $6 per day

(See Screenshots From Advertising Accounts Below)

Google Adwords:

$9 Yoga AdWords Overview



Facebook Ads:

Facebook stats



That’s a 4502.84% return on ad spend!

It literally costs cents to buy dollars!

You’re probably beginning to wish you knew about this sooner huh?


Maximizing Your Profits…


Remember that we captured the email address of every single new client?

Well this yoga studio runs workshops every couple of weekends…

So of course, every time there was a workshop on, we would draft a series of emails to encourage bookings into the workshops.

This is called a “profit maximizer” product.

It’s another way of generating income from your client base.

Over the four month period I generated roughly $5,230 in income simply from sending emails to the email list and generating bookings to her workshops.

(See The Below Screenshot From Her CMS Report)

PM Report



We more than doubled the number of workshop bookings she was receiving before we implemented email marketing into her business.

People say email marketing is dead.

I strongly disagree.


So To Recap, It’s Possible To Get A New Client For Your Yoga Studio Every Single Day On Autopilot…


You need to make sure you have an incredibly valuable introductory offer, a strong core offer and a profit maximiser product to get the most revenue out of your client base.

Once you have that you need to pay Facebook and Google for traffic and run ads.

If you include the price in your ad (you thought we’d forget to recap this didn’t you ?) it’s important not to write any zeros in the price. It makes it look like its a higher price than it is as the brain at first glance has to process more numbers.

$9 looks a lot cheaper than $9.00 doesn’t it?

(Once again here’s the ad we used on Facebook for the $9 Yoga Offer)


Facebook ad



Get yourself a dedicated leadpage for the offer to send the traffic to and integrate it with your email marketing software.

This can be on your website or on one of the many leadpage platforms available. (Check out leadpages or click funnels for starters… NOTE not affiliate links.)

Setup your autoresponders in your email marketing software and watch the customers roll in.

It all sounds really complicated but it’s not.

You just need to do it.

Your competitors probably already are so its time to get started.

Unless of course you’re like most business owners out there and don’t have the time.

In that case you have two options.

Hire your own in-house digital marketer or outsource your marketing to someone with proven results.

Either way you’ll get a big fat return on your investment.

It’s just a matter of taking action as procrastination is costing you money!